Collection: BIK ( Bag-In-Keg ) Nitro Tea POLYKegs

Our innovative " No Nitrogen Bottle required " TURN-KEY Polykegs.

We call these BIK, (Bag-In-KEG). these pair with our LINDR countertop dispensers and are TURN-KEY.

If you are part of our Cafe Fast Start program, this is the keg to order!


Polykegs are ANY GAS kegs with Sankey D coupler. You can dispense using ANY gas, or even a party pump. works with systems dispensing Kombucha. CO2 OK.


Bona Fide® Craft Draft is Nitro Tea Nirvana. Organic Certified, beyond fairly traded,
masterfully prepared, infused with nitrogen, Served “On Tap”. Our process captures all
the flavors and aromatics aficionados LOVE. Calibrated by Master Roasters. Available in 180+ Day Shelf Stable 5-gallon Kegs US standard food safe Sankey D kegs, delivered to your door.